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How to measure yourself

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Accurate measurements are very important for a good fit! The measuring tape should be parallel to the ground for all measurements, and snug but not pulling tight. You may need someone to help you.

Basic Measurements:

  • High bust - wrap the tape under your armpits and above your bust, and relax your arms down.

  • Bust - wrap the tape around the fullest point of your bust and relax your arms down

  • Waist - measure around the narrowest point of your waist, or the hinge point when you bend sideways, and RELAX (don't suck it in!)

  • Full hip - measure at the widest point (this will be higher or lower depending on your shape)

Other measurements:

  • Torso length - tie an elastic around your waist, and then measure from the base of your neck (at the bone) to your waist

  • High Hip - measure at your hip bone

  • Sleeve length - measure from your armpit to desired sleeve length (or measure the underarm seam of a similar shirt)

  • Inseam length - measure from crotch to desired hem length (or measure the inseam of a similar pair of pants/shorts)

  • Shoulder width - measure between the outside points of your shoulder blades OR measure between the shoulder seams of a non-stretchy shirt that fits really well

  • Skirt length - length from waist to hem

  • Shirt length - measured from the back collar to hem

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