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Capsule Wardrobes

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Capsule wardrobes are becoming increasingly popular for good reason. The idea is to have a small number of items that you really love, which you can mix and match with each other and with other basics in your wardrobe. You will reduce your consumption and waste, and simplify your wardrobe too. Here are a few ideas for mini capsule wardrobes that could work for different lifestyles. Remember, how 'formal' a design looks has as much to do with the fabric choice as the design itself! Click on each image to go to the source and see more pictures, or check out my Pinterest page.

Capsule 1: designs made with stretch fabrics and/or a loose fit, but still appropriate for many workplaces (with the right fabric choice)

Layer: Evans Blazer (View A), scarf-neck cardigan

Tops: Sutton top, Camas top, Karri top

Skirt: Jade pencil skirt, stretch pencil skirt with exposed elastic waistband

Pants: Renee pants, Pietra pants

Dress: Gillian wrap dress (also can be top or skirt), Kielo wrap dress/jumpsuit

Capsule 2: Fitted and tailored styles for a more formal workplace

Layer: Vogue 8333, Coco Jacket

Tops: Oakridge bow blouse, Clara blouse, Hannah wrap top

Skirts: basic pencil skirt, Beignet skirt

Bottoms: Narcisse pants, Sasha pants

Dress: Caroline dress (so many design variations, plus a peplum top), Charleston dress (view B)

Capsule 3: For a more casual workplace

Layer: Evans blazer (View B), Lupin jacket

Top: Vera tee, Melilot blouse

Bottoms: Ginger jeans, Primrose pants

Dress: Yaletown dress, Heather dress, Charleston dress (view A) (Yaletown and Charleston dresses can also be tops)

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